May 27, 2010

Use your inside voice, dear...

Because there is a slight chance that my friends' children occasionally glance at Bubbee 'n Me,  I'm determined to keep this post (and entire blog) G rated.  Therefore, I'm not sure if this will translate well, but  I couldn't not share it:

This week the boys and I went to Kohl's department store to use a ten dollar coupon.  I spent $55 by the way.   Upon entering the store,  I noticed that they were offering plush Toy Story characters for $5 each. It's really difficult to find cute, nonviolent toys for boys so I immediately put four of  them in our cart.

I proceeded to browse the clearance racks for summer clothing.  The entire time we were shopping, Henry SHOUTED, "I want my [insert above character's name here]...Liam has a [   ] too...Get my [   ]...Where's my [   ]?"

Ok, it was a lot funnier on Facebook, but you get the idea.  I can't take that boy anywhere!


  1. Too funny. I'll admit that if I heard two young boys yelling this in a store I would be a little shocked.

  2. So funny! Even with the editing!

  3. I had to remember what the character's name was ... then I started snorting!