December 11, 2010

How can you go wrong with boys and trains?

Wonderland Express is a holiday exhibit at the nearby botanic garden.  They have over a dozen model trains circling a miniature replica of the city that spanned several rooms.  Ever since learning about this attraction last December, I've been planning to take my boys this year.  They both love trains.  In fact, it hardly seems possible, but my younger son enjoys trains even MORE than his brother.  We are not a fire engine, Matchbox car, or construction truck  household.  We are ALL about trains.

Liam was a bit confused for the first half of our visit.  He had been taking a sound nap during the drive and only slightly roused while we stood in line with our tickets.  Once among the displays, I let him out of the stroller.  He wasn't quite sure where he had arrived.  It took him several minutes to orient himself and start having fun. He had this expression on his face for the longest time!                                                              There was so much for the boys to see--it really was worth the steep admission price.  (Although, if I had not had the museum pass from our library, parking would have cost us an extra $20 on top of the twelve dollar tickets.)

 There were several tall bridges connecting the displays.  I'm not sure the boys could get a good look at the action near the ceiling but the detail was amazing.  Henry and Liam really enjoyed watching the Ladybug Train zip in and out of tunnels.  However, we spent the most time though in a room with a huge table and a very large oval track.  Left to their own devices, I think the boys would still be there running along side the train as it made its rounds through the pastoral holiday scene.  Occasionally, an engineer would stop the train and add more "steam". 

 The miniature engines were set among beautiful live plants.  Not only did this make the scenes realistic, it refreshed the entire space with lovely natural scents.  Oh, and the boys were fascinated with the falling "snowflakes" that melted soon after landing in their hands.

I'm glad we went early in the season.  I imagine  this exhibit will be quite popular and crowded for the rest of the month.  That's the difficult thing about squeezing in all the fun holiday destinations on the weekends.  Everyone else has the same idea!

I look forward to showing the photos from this afternoon to the boys.  They will certainly be able to relive the magic of being among these scenes.  And if not, I can always try to make it "snow" on their GeoTrax...


  1. What an amazing exhibit to take your train loving boys to! It looks like a wonderland!

  2. How incredibly awesome! I saw a GroupOn for here and I decided not to do it because I didn't know what to expect; after seeing your pictures I must take B next year!!! You have to love that "after nap stupor" they have; I'm glad he enjoyed himself after waking-up a little!