February 2, 2011

Blankie's First Blizzard

Liam won't wear mittens but he refuses to leave his blankie behind!
I just LOVE the way H looks in this snowsuit!

Messy, indoor fun

It's really all about the train...

The view from our garage Wednesday morning--can't say they didn't warn us!


  1. Your view looks like mine this morning! Gotta love a snow day!

  2. Damn...I don't know whether to say sorry or to congratulate you. This CA girl has NO concept of these pictures I just saw. My son is BEGGING me to take him to the snow at some point this winter. Seems like a lot of work... It was 68 degrees and beautiful here today. He knows nothing of snow. Again, not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing... Happy snow days!

  3. Yay! Snow day! I love the way a paralyzing blizzard makes us all put our busy lives on hold. Everyone comes out of their caves to dig themselves and their neighbors out and the community comes together and "plays." Don't get me wrong, snow days are inconvenient, for sure, but if everyone is in the same boat it's kinda fun. Love the snowsuit. And the blankie in the snow. Fun. It missed us, stayed just south of us. But that's fine with me. We've already had record snowfall this year.

  4. Awww blankie got to celebrate the blizzard too. What a sweetheart!