May 1, 2011

Scrapbook Rehab

I love the idea of scrapbooking my sons' lives.  I always believed I'd be a mom who documented every holiday, event and milestone in my children's lives.  Before I was a mom, my dog had a scrapbook (and pajamas but that's a different post).  For the first few months of Henry's life, I managed to make several meaningful pages filled with photos and prose.  Then I went back to work.  Then I had a second baby.  Little Liam's scrapbook was a series of monthly pages each with a digital collage.  The only reason that worked is because he was such an adorable baby.  These days I have to blow a blanket of dust off the scrapbooks before I open them.

I did rally back in December to create a holiday scrapbook.  It was small and simple but I felt a great sense of accomplishment when all the Christmas photos were arranged.  Two months before that, I made a mini album filled with embellished fall photos.

Recently as I was transferrring my pretty paper and stickers from the Archiver's bag where they've been kept for a year to a newly purchased scrapbooking tote where they'll stay for a decade, I wondered why I keep buying all these supplies.  I certainly don't go overboard, but when paper is on sale for 0.25 and Snapfish has a prints' sale, I just can't help myself.  My eyes are bigger than my evenings.

So right then and there I resolved to create one page each night for the entire month of May.    Thirty one pages.  Even if I haven't scrapbooked every memory by the first of June, I'll certainly have made a dent in my stack of photos.  I'm not planning to do anything fancy--just attach pictures to thematic papers then add a few words and stickers. 

It's actually perfect timing for this project since we'll take lots more photos when we are at Disney World in June.  If all goes well, those pictures won't have to wait until Thanksgiving for their pages.

Liam's limited baby pages


  1. Wow, your scrapbooks look amazing! I hope your plan for May gets a lot accomplished.

  2. Wow. Such energy. It gives me hope that some day I'll have some free time too. For 3 years I've just uploaded my blog to and published it. I am lazy. Your books are beautiful keepsakes. Mine will probably never even be opened. :)

  3. A wonderful goal, and I know you can do it. I have some great pages for my first, but, poor Luke got the shaft big time. Second child all the way. I have yet to start an album for the poor kid. You're way ahead of me! We'll have to scrapbook together some time. Before the kids are off to high school (let's not wait 'til college).

  4. I keep meaning to start scrapbooking for Elena...I like your challenge & may take it up for June.

  5. Those look great! Awesome! I love the book you gave me its so pretty I just cant find the right pics to put in it! LOL Just to much to think about! LOL

  6. What a great idea! I might steal your goal idea of one page a night. It's the last thing I ever feel like doing, nor is it a "priority", so it just doesn't get done, even though I enjoy it. My goal: One page a night of my wedding album, from almost 5 years ago. I'm REALLY behind!