June 30, 2011

"You're so lucky to have summers off"

If I had a dime for every time I was told that, I'd hire a nanny.  Or at least an au pair.  Because this "summers off" thing is not as easy as it looks.  Of course I am blessed to spend time with the children I chose to have.  Of course I am grateful for our home, our backyard and our community.  Certainly, I count myself fortunate to be employed and able to support this family.

keeps them occupied for ten whole minutes
But entertaining, disciplining, feeding, bathing, clothing and educating a 2 and 4 year old from six in the morning until eight at night is brutal.  And if, like tonight, the four year old keeps getting out of bed, I may just scream.  But probably not; I don't have that much energy left.  Their constant demands never end.  I am the only adult around to assuage them but just as soon as I do, more tasks appear.  I'm living in one of those cheesy, "whack the mole" games.  And trust me, I'm not the one with the hammer.
Henry continues to exhibit some behavioral challenges.  I'm hoping that by sticking close to home and limiting our stimulating activities, he will regain his equilibrium.  I miss my sweet boy but I need to meet him right where he is now.  Even if that means staying in the backyard and carefully responding to his outbursts.  But that can make for a long day. 

Picking black raspberries in the backyard

I had another point I wanted to make, but Henry has come downstairs for the fifth time.  I'm uncomfortable in the wet clothes I've been wearing since Liam sat on my lap after swim lessons and although it is pitch dark, I haven't let the dogs in for their dinner.  At some point I'll have to get some sleep so I can do it all over again tomorrow (along with cutting the grass, balancing my checkbook and getting everyone packed for a weekend road trip).  Good thing I have summers off.


  1. I can't even imagine. Seriously. I was just telling my daycare provider the other day (one of them was leaving and I was thanking her) that I am a better mother because I get to give my child to them all day long. I have no idea how stay at home mothers do it. I love my children more than the sun, but I would NOT be a good stay at home mom. Even summers. :)

  2. It is no easy feat being home 24/7 with no other parent in the house.

    But I did smile at your reference to Wack a Mole... a game we played endlessly during Eliza's school break :)

  3. Oh God your backyard looks beautiful! I wish I was there to help you, AND pick black rasberries. (did not know ther was such a thing!)