June 26, 2011

Happy Highlights

Sure vacationing with two children, ages 2 and 4 is rough.  They are completely removed from the routine and structure they know.  They are constantly redirected and contained in unfamiliar rooms or vehicles.  Crankiness sets in even before we leave our time zone.  Still, our recent trip to Orlando brought many happy moments.  It's the highlights we'll remember, hopefully forgetting the less fun moments or at least laughing at our problems when we do look back.

The moments that I enjoyed the most were not on my carefully prepared itinerary but I wouldn't trade them for a seven day Magic Your Way ticket.
  • Spinning in the Mad Hatter teacups with Henry.
  • Watching Henry's face as we traveled through It's a Small World. 
  • Holding Liam in the hotel pool, making him laugh as we spun around in an unchoreographed water dance.
  • Dole Whip
  • Letting the boys roam Tom Sawyer's Island and traipse through the fort
  • Making their day with Mickey Mouse balloons, even if they did cost $10 a piece.
  • The three of us snuggling in a king size bed (and having Liam fall asleep in my arms) while watching Disney Channel at the end of each long day.


  1. Sounds magical! I can't wait to bring my kids to see It's a Small World.

  2. Those are the moments that count...what wonderful memories you've made

  3. Their faces are priceless in these pics! So glad you all had such a great time! Your boys will "remember when mom took us to Disneyworld..." for the rest of their lives.

  4. Wonderful pictures! Sounds like a great trip.