August 31, 2011

"But I wanted a real cake like my brother's"

Henry's 4 1/2 birthday celebration seems a bigger milestone than his actual birthday last February.  Maybe it's because 4 1/2 is so close to 5 and all that will bring.  There's no denying that Henry is growing up faster than I could ever imagine.  In six months he'll no longer be a preschooler (and I just got used to calling him that.) 

I wish life around here was as sunny and fun as this birthday treat but it's not.  I'm having a terrible time with the work/family balance.   Quite a few complications have arisen--I spend all of my time putting out fires on both fronts and not making a lick of progress.  I'm faced with a big decision at work, one that's all but made; I've just been putting off the phone call.  Either way I lose. 

On that happy note, I'm headed to the freezer for Peanut Butter Fudge ice cream.   Too bad there aren't any more cupcakes to go with it.

Henry discovers there are fish under the "water"


  1. I'm with you Lara on the work/life balance. I'm just at a loss. So grateful to have a job, but hate having to work. Tate and I spend 10 hours a day apart. And I find myself wasting time NOW worrying about what it will be like when he's in school. We can't get these years back when they are all about us. I think this is the absolute hardest part of single parenting or probably any parenting when the parent(s) have to work.

  2. I'm not sure how anyone finds a happy work/life balance. I wish I had some magical words and methods for all of us to give us all that happy medium. Our kids will appreciate our struggles some day. In the meantime, we can only keep wiping butts, both at home and at work. :)

  3. Ditto on the work family balance. I don't have anything positive or inspiring to say. Just know that you're not alone and we're all doing the same type of dance. It's a crazy time of year. The good news is that this too shall pass. Bummer about the work thing, but for what it's worth, once you make the phone call at least THAT will be behind you. :) Hang in there.

  4. I'm sorry things are hard for you right now. Finding that balance is so challenging.

  5. I hope the decision is working out - even if it was a 'fail'. Sometimes those are truly 'wins' after we peel away the yucky stuff.

    Big hug for you!