August 3, 2011

Just Beach-y

This family doesn't travel light
One of my favorite things to do with the boys in the summer is spend the day at the beach.  Last year, we went four or five times.  This season we've only been once but it was a fabulous day!  Henry enjoys being in the water--so much so, that it's difficult to get him out to eat lunch or build a sandcastle.  Liam wants to explore everything.  I wish I could be more patient.  This summer I feel like I'm always rushing him even on fun days like this one.  There's just so much to do and see--I don't want the boys to miss anything.  And of course, the end of summer vacation is looming.

Henry was feeling fine on this particular day but now has come down with a cold.  I think his brother may have caught it as well.  Hopefully the worst is over though and we can head to the state fair in Wisconsin as planned.  It's another one of our "can't miss" summer activities.  It runs for ten days so we can reschedule our road trip if we need to.  However, the chickens and the rabbits are there for five days only.  The boys love those exhibits--I think because the animals are small and in cages at eye level.

I'll leave you with these pictures from the beach we're hoping to visit again--I'm off to pack up the car!
Liam is ready for anything!

a rare moment on dry land

Liam's favorite beach toy--ever!

I can't think of a better way to end the day at the beach!


  1. I so envy your beach outings!! In landlocked Colorado it's tough to find a good beach (there are a few small lakes nearby with an "attempt" at a beach...). Love the pictures!!

  2. We LOVE the beach too and we're counting down the days until our annual family vacation on Lake Michigan. It's like a giant sandbox. Sam would have loved that dumptruck last year but you can never predict how they will change from year to year. Have fun at the wis state fair. Is that in milwaukke? We should have planned ahead and met you there. Maybe next year.