October 14, 2011

And then there were two...

....in school.

I never dreamed that Liam would enter preschool at the tender age of 2 years, 7 months.   Even as I watched Henry join his class for the first time this September, I comforted myself with the thought that I wouldn't say good-bye to Liam at the schoolhouse door for two more years.
And yet here he is walking to school with his very own backpack and his trusty Lightning McQueen.  It seems Liam made a big impression on Henry's preschool director upon meeting her at Family Night one week ago.  She called the next day to invite him to join the 2/3 classroom.  At first I said I would think about it but before the phone call ended I had agreed to send my baby to school two mornings each week.  They are two of the same mornings that his brother attends preKindergarten in the building.  Henry was very helpful comforting Liam's nerves about the big day. 

The day before we met with his teacher and Liam made himself right at home in the classroom.  He joined a group of boys building a road with wooden planks.  See there-- you never know when you're going to need all those matchbox cars stuffed in your pockets!

By all reports, Liam's first day went wonderfully.  His teacher said that he sang and participated all morning.  But the true highlight was snack time.  I asked Liam about it and he said one word:  cupcake.  The school has a healthy food policy so I was a bit surprised until I read that Wednesday had been the birthday of one of his new classmates.  The next morning Liam was still talking about that chocolate cupcake with jelly beans.  I hope he won't be too disappointed on Monday when they hand out carrot sticks. 

I'm very proud of Liam; I know this will be a great and growing year for him.  I also know that he'll always be my baby.
small, but confident


  1. Oh, look at those huge glass doors he just walked through! What a big, grown-up guy! I know I'm going to feel the same if I get to have a second (a "last")...every milestone will be bittersweet. :)

  2. He will be :). Bless his little heart. It's so cute how his big brother looks out for him... Just as it should be! X

  3. What a big step...for both of you!!

  4. Ahhhh Lara....he'll definitely always be your baby. And that picture of Henry kissing Liam just made my heart stop and made me wish for a sibling for Tate in ways you can't imagine. :)

    Though, I'm a bit confused. What do the boys do on the days they're not in 'pre-school?' Do you have a nanny? I'm trying to figure out what to do with Tate next year...private pre-school which will necessitate a nanny most likely for before/after care, continue where he is which is a daycare but once they move up to the 3 year old room there's a full curriculum that's all day. Even now he has a curriculum in his 2 year old room. As an educator do you think I should move towards the private pre-school programming? All so very overwhelming!!!

    Have a great week!!!

  5. That is adorable! Looks like he is having such a great time. I'm sure he'll do GREAT!

  6. Love that picture of the two of them! What a big boy he is :-).