March 31, 2012

Life Is Not About Things

There was no money for a vacation this spring break but since the boys and I had the same week off we made the best of our time.  We were together 24/7 --just the three of us.    In between the time-outs and meltdowns we really grew as a family.  Just eating all our meals together and not rushing to get out the door in morning made a huge difference in the way we relate to one another.  This post may seem quite long but the moments I want to remember went by quickly.

Monday:  Kindergarten shots and 3 year well-visit.  Henry kicked and screamed so violently that he broke a floor lamp in the exam room..  Good times.   Afterwards we went to a big bookstore and picked out lots of goodies.  We came home for lunch and the boys went to their rooms for naps.  Neither one slept so we ended up going for a long (cold) walk.  We had hot chocolate, played with Legos and that oh-so-great-for mommy's-headache game, Don't Break the Ice.

Tuesday:  After a long leisurely morning (read:  more Legos) we went to the park. We had lunch outdoors for the first time this year.

Henry came down the big slide; Liam came down the stairs

Wednesday:  Do you remember when your baby outgrew his infant carseat?  It was painfully obvious you could no longer tote him to another professional appointment ever again, wasn't it?  Before I found out daycare was closing this week, I had made several medical and financial appointments.  I cancelled some but really didn't see how I could justify missing work just to go to the eye doctor.  So I took a chance and brought both boys to the opthamologist's office.  It's a very upscale place and I was quite nervous about leaving them in the reception area.  They did great.  The receptionist did not freak out when we entered with our books and Legos.  Always a good sign.  The doctor and his technician left the exam room door open so I could be alerted if anything went awry.  There was one squabble about midway through my exam but all in all things went smoothly.  When we left, all the tropical fish were present and accounted for in the recessed saltwater tank.  Another good sign.

Afterwards we returned to the bookstore where the boys had previously picked out items to purchase with their birthday giftcards.  Henry got a dinosaur explorer Lego kit and Liam picked out Toy Story action figures.   The afternoon was spent at home watching Curious George, napping and playing with new toys. 

Thursday:  We traveled to a fantastic indoor nature center to get a closer look at the way people lived in our state hundreds of years ago.  We also saw snakes, lizards and turtles that still live here.  The boys had fun digging for fossils and jumping off the cushions in the bird watching area.
We stopped for ice cream on the way home.  The day was almost spoiled when my Jamocha Almond Fudge touched Henry's Chocolate Chip Mint cone.  He dissolved into tears as I rushed for napkins and a spoon to remove the offending drips.  I managed to calm him down before both our treats melted.  Liam, with his Cookies 'n Cream, looked away and pretended not to know us.

Friday:  This day was a bit anticlimactic as I had a doctor's appointment in the morning to which I couldn't bring the boys.  In the afternoon I visited the fifth furniture store in my search of twin beds for Henry and Liam.  I finally settled on a pair which can be bunk beds but never will be assembled as such in my home.  (I have a very high deductible and the closest ER isn't.)  It feels good to get this big purchase crossed off my to-do list even though they won't be in stock and ready for delivery for another month.  I also picked out a new sofa; I plan to return to the store and purchase it soon.  These expenditures are not frivolous although they seem to be happening quickly. The boys need bigger beds and I need a sofa that doesn't smell horrible.  I won't describe the current odor--let's just say that I have two old dogs and two young sons.  You do the math.

I enjoyed this vacation immensely--it didn't look like everyone else's spring break on the beach or at an amusement park.  There were no hotels, swimming pools or fancy spas but it was time well spent being a mom.  We shared all our meals, took long walks, ate ice cream and taught each other a thing or two along the way.  If I had to do it all over again, I would.  I definitely would.

A hybrid game of  "Hide and Go Roll Down the Hill"


  1. Enjoying the moments you are given is more important than where you are sharing them at.

  2. I'm glad you and the boys had a great break :) Carter and I did too. Next year though, I think I would like to go to the beach. Maybe we'll be on the every-other-year plan.