April 17, 2012

Tuesday Trouble

The good news is that the nurse was able to remove the dog tick from Liam's ear canal with very little trauma.  The bad news is that we were at the clinic until 9 pm and now I have a sink full of dinner dishes, school backpacks to ready and not one, but two reports to write for work tomorrow.

The boys are asleep after their adventure, having both squealed with delight when the nurse put down the tweezers and the tick crawled across the lab tray.  They'll be talking about this for a long time.  I can hear it now, "A bug crawled in my brother's ear while he was sleeping; we had to take him to the hospital."  Great--just great.

Well, I better get to work--those dishes aren't going to wash themselves.

I'm hoping we can stick to Lego creatures from now on....


  1. A dog tick? What on earth is a dog tick? No, forget it...I don't want to know. I now have the heebie jeebies. EWWWW. How did you know something was up? Could he feel it? Did you see it crawl in? EEEWWWW. I am such a girl. I would not have been able to deal with this!!! Definitely would have called my next door favorite neighbor Uncle Ryan!!

    You go Mommy!!!!

  2. Holy crap! I'm so glad the remedy was without major drama. I hope you were able to get through the rest of the evening getting everything done.

  3. In the ear? oh yikes!
    But at least they have now a good story to tell..

  4. Oh my! Bugs crawling in my ears is one of my many phobias!! Glad Liam is okay...what a story to tell!

  5. Ticks are just plain nasty! I love how the boys thought of it as an adventure, just like proper little boys lol.

    They'll be plenty more adventures throughout their lives and how awesome that they have a brother to share it with.


  6. How did you know it was in his ear and that it crawled in there in the night?