June 3, 2012

It's only June 3rd but already we're climbing the walls

As much as I value spending the summer with my boys instead of trapped in a non-climate-controlled classroom, there is a certain amount of adjustment that must take place in early June.  It's a transition for all of us.  I'll admit it; sometimes I miss the structure of the work week. Of course, I cannot pretend that the last two days have been anything but routine, even for summertime.

Liam woke Saturday with a fever.  It comes and goes but hasn't gotten terribly high since that morning.  But oh, he's been SO CRANKY.  Imagine being stuck in a tiny house with two preschoolers wondering if one of them has Strep but knowing it's too early to call the doctor, then being subjected to terrible mood swings (his, not mine) and finally, having to watch at least twenty episodes of Penguins of Madagascar.  Private, Kowalski, Rico and Skipper are not nearly as entertaining as Stephanie Plum but do you think the boys let me read a single page of Smokin' Seventeen this weekend?  No, in fact every time I walked three feet away from either of them, they whined loudly until I returned (usually carrying their beverage of choice).

I want juice.
My tummy hurts.
Take these Legos apart.
I don't want this.
I have a bad fever.
I want ice cream.
Turn up the volume.
Turn down the volume
Can we go to Target?
My five toes hurt.
Can I have chocolate milk?
I'm hungry.
I'm not hungry.

Oh well, it goes with the territory.  It's tough not to have any respite or another adult to talk to (when the phone does ring, do you think the boys let me actually have a conversation with the person on the other end of the line?)  Still we got through the weekend.  Hopefully they'll sleep through the night.  I have one last (half) day of work tomorrow.  After that, let the semi-structured chaos begin!


  1. Hopefully things will improve soon and you guys will have a super summer. I had to laugh at the phone comment because Cory either tells me not to answer the phone when it rings or if I do answer it he stands there loudly and repeatedly telling me to hang up. 100 percent of my attention should be directed at him at all times he feels.

  2. Hang in there. A wise mommy friendof mine told me that to survive these years you have to just make sure they're safe and then let them destroy the house. :) Hope everyone's feeling better and adjusted soon.

  3. I can just imagine all the great activities you have planned for this summer...hang in there. I hope Liam didn't get too sick...

  4. I hope Liam feels better soon!! I can't wait to hear all about your adventures this summer!

  5. Isn't that the way all holidays start for teachers...with someone sick? Hopefully it passes quickly and you have a wonderful summer together.

  6. A busy mom! Hope Liam feels better soon. Nothing worse than having a sick kid...well, okay, it actually is worse when we are sick (as long as the kid isn't REALLY sick - then that's obviously way worse...okay, I'll end my rant here). Hang in there!

  7. Hope Liam is feeling better by now. And hope the winning and all is only the adjustment to the new schedule.