June 10, 2012

New Post: Taking the easy way out

It only looks like he's helping
It's official.  I'm finished with the school year.   And yet,  I find myself with less, not more, time to get things accomplished.  The boys rise by 6 am most days and are in bed at 8 pm.  That's 14 hours of being on active mommy duty.  Most of the time I feel like a cruise director working a double shift.  They both take siestas at 1 pm, but by then my to-do list is overwhelming.  I end up picking up Legos in a stupor and scrubbing chocolate pudding off the walls.  Sometimes there's time to water the vegetable garden before the boys are up and ready for Round Two.

We have lots of fun and hopefully the boys are learning some things as well.  But I have no time to fix up the house, read a book, take a class, drink ice tea, etc.  Those are all things I did in the summers before becoming a single mom to two very active boys.  Add an elderly three-legged dog to the mix, one who requires me to rise at 5:20 am EVERY morning, and I'm beyond exhausted.  Really.  I haven't slept more than 6 hours in one night for approximately five years.

All this is to preface the fact that I can't form a readable blog post right now.  Words are all jumbled in my head.  Go figure.  So I'm going to share this blog post by Scary Mommy instead.  Everything on her list is true; I'll wait while you check it out (wake me if I'm snoring at the keyboard). 

I wish I would have thought to write a list like that but it would have required concentration and memory.  Two things I'm not sure I'll ever recover the way things are going around here.

*except for the next 4 days; take my word for it, never sign up for a summer work project in January.  That's just mid-winter hubris.


  1. It makes me so happy to read how exhausted you are...not in a mean spiteful way at all....just thinking about how boring my summers used to be (as a teacher) before I was a choice mom, and how much I have to look forward to being so busy that I can't remember having a break :) Enjoy your very busy summer!

  2. Oh I SO hear you! Your post goes very well with one I have in mind to write soon, which is about the fact that I've somehow managed to give the impression that I have things "together" and "do it all." Ha! It's exhausting and um, no, the truth is it's utter chaos. Hang in there and TRY to get a few extra zzzz's - that makes everything better!

  3. I hope you've figured out a way to put some mommy time on your schedule this summer. Even if it's just half a day a week, it's important that you get some time to take care of yourself so you don't completely lose your mind. If you can give yourself permission to get away and recharge once in a while it will make you a happier, better mommy. Hang in there. If I lived closer we could trade some days off. I know it helped me to do that with another mommy this weekend.

  4. That is a great lust! Thanks for sharing it! How do we function on so little sleep?

  5. Hang in there!! I always feel like I don't get things done when I have time and get tons of things done when I don't. I think it might just be perception... or I am more willing to let things go (both figuratively and literally) when I am busy. As Barb said, try to etch out a little time for yourself!!