August 29, 2012

The Baby of the Family

The other day I was looking at the entries on my blog.  Usually, I don't have time to check the weather forecast online, so I'm not sure how I had time to read my own past posts.  (It's possible I was waiting 45 seconds for the microwave to finish heating my dinner.)  Anyway, as I scrolled through the recent posts, I realized that almost all of them contained photos of Henry.  Had I really gone weeks without talking about the other love of my life?  Where were those close-ups and goofy pictures?  What kind of mom only uploads posts about her firstborn and forgets she has another sweet little one at home?  Well, I'll fix that. 





You know I'm kidding!  But seriously, there's been a noticeable absence of photos of  Liam on this blog.  Maybe I've just been exhausted from redirecting him all summer long.  His behaviors continue to challenge my limited parenting skills.  I worry about his physical and emotional health all the time.   He is strong-willed and tender-hearted.    I love him to pieces. 

He knows exactly what he likes and doesn't like.  Currently, he loves penguins.   He has 7 plush penguins and rotates them in his arms, bed and car.  They go everywhere with us!   They have not replaced his first love, however.  Disney's CARS continue to race along the hallways, tables and even the bathtub ledge.  Give him a "car with eyes" and Liam is one happy three year old.

Liam starts a new preschool year next week.  I'm excited for him to meet his teacher and connect with old and new friends.  I love that when it comes to preschool, he doesn't have to tag along and fit in with Henry's (or my) activities.  It's just for him.
Although he was very much planned, Liam has brought unexpected adventure into my life.  Some days he's 42 inches of pure exasperation, but that exasperation makes our family complete.  He is dearly loved and watched over by his big brother.  At three weeks, he made eye contact with Henry; it was the beginning of a very strong bond.  In the space of 60 seconds they are best friends, worst enemies and best friends again. 

Liam will always be my baby.  And I will always love him.  Nothing will change that.  Not even the infamous spilling of red Slurpee in the backseat of our car.   Our old car, that is.  


  1. Sounds like Liam & Elena would be great friends as she too LOVES penguins & CARS!

  2. Love your testament to Liam. He is a sweetie. Love the last picture. And you really made me LOL with the photo of your new car!