September 5, 2012

49%.... Don't Push It

My good friends suspect this, my great friends know it for certain: 

I am only a nice person on the surface.  I put up with a lot, turn the other cheek and smile.  I have a fuse that's a mile long.  For years, I can and do show only my Disney side to people I interact with daily.  But scratch the surface deep enough, long enough and I'm done. 


Because I am only a nice person on the surface.


  1. Interesting to know...your blogs don't really reflect this. You do seem to have a great deal of patience! I hope everything is ok & no one has pushed you!

  2. Uh-oh! Feel free to show me all 100% of you!! I'm the friend who doesn't scare easily!!

  3. That's what we call a fierce mamma. Hope you are getting through whatever has ticked you off.