October 14, 2012

Don't let the photos fool you...

The best thing I can say about our trip to the pumpkin farm was that it was better than a sharp poke in the eye.  Only slightly better. 

Corn Maze, the sequel
Giant Pumpkin Jump-y House
Warning:  see title of this post
Here is a picture of  Liam with his one true love.  Pedal cars.  Not the mother who gave birth to him, nursed him for over a year, bathes him, clothes him warmly and educates him daily.  No; pedal cars mean much more to him than I ever will.  How do I know this?  After I ended his second turn on the cars (during which he went around the track eight times even though the posted limit was five laps), my young son looked at me with fury and punched me in the eye.  With a closed fist. 

I saw stars for ten minutes.  Then I cried for ten more.  I sat at a picnic table in the middle of this crowded harvest fest thinking about the past three and a half years and where I went wrong.  Then I cried some more.  Other than that it was a picturesque fall weekend.


  1. Oh Lara I am so sorry. That punch must have hurt your heart a 100 times more than it hurt your eye. Hugs

  2. I hate to say it, but I did laugh out loud reading this - I think it's just that you have quite a wonderful way with words and you set this up to be comical for your loyal followers :) But after laughing out loud I did stop and feel for you. We pour our hearts and souls into raising our children and they do not necessarily see the value of this. I think Liam will be hearing this story for years to come :) How are you doing now? BTW, the pictures are lovely.

  3. Not sure whether to laugh or cry, but I've been there. :)

  4. OH NO!! He looks so cute and innocent in the photos...

    I am sure he was sincerely sorry!

  5. I think we have all been there. We try to do the best to make things great for our children and they at this age have no appreaciation of what we do for them. All they know is that they are pissed off because the snack shack has run out the the apple cider donut that they must have at that moment when 3 minutes before they never even heard of an apple cider donut. So we get their frustration full force.

  6. Oh my gosh, I can just imagine how sad you must have felt! Though I only know you through your blog, I'd bet a hefty sum that you have done nothing wrong in the past 3 1/2 years. Perhaps just a combination of Liam's age and it sounds like he's just a tough kid. How have you dealt with it since? I think I'd be so furious, I'd have a hard time not going overboard on punishment. Hang in there, you are very clearly an incredible mom to your boys and you need to remind yourself of that.

  7. Laughing and crying too. (and I fully expect this to happen to me.) I'm so sorry. You are an awesome mom - don't ever forget that!

  8. Oh, children know just exactly how to break our hearts.

    I hope he gave you a hug and a kiss later to make up for it.

  9. Oh Lara, I'm so sorry. I know you were just heartbroken. And I know there is nothing you have done wrong in the past 3 1/2 years. How are the two of you doing these past few days? How's everyone sleeping?

    No words of wisdom here, just big hugs your way my friend!