April 11, 2013

Letter Bag

As in, fill the bag with items beginning with the Letter of the Week.  Simple enough.  Liam brought the bag home yesterday and it is due back to class next Wednesday. 

Filled with items that begin with the X.

The letter X?  There must be some mistake.  Why did we get the very worst letter of the alphabet?  I was only late with tuition once.  I send in peanut-free snacks.  I clip and save labels from our soup cans.  This is the thanks I get?  The letter X?

Luckily, with the Internet, the assignment is not as challenging as it sounds.  The difficult part will be getting the items to stay in the bag until circle time.





  1. Yikes! That just doesn't seem fair! Glad you were able to find somethings! :)

  2. Way to be resourceful! Fiona's preschool does the more traditional version of having each kid bring in one item starting with the letter of the week, and thankfully last week they combined x, y, and z. Fiona brought a "yak" puppet and explained "it's really a mountain goat but it's name is Yak." So we had 3 letters to work with and still took liberties.

  3. Xylophone! That's the 1st...& only thing that came to my mind...& x-ray...I'd be useless at this assignment without the internet! Good luck!

  4. You always make me laugh. They probably thought, "his mom is a teacher. She'll figure it out."

  5. Thank goodness for the internet! Never seen those X words before! But gives me good ideas for all the scrabble games. LOL
    Ps. Now seeing I like what you came up with F O X!!!