April 5, 2013

LOL (Love Our Legos)

They're small.  They're colorful.  They're everywhere.  They are the boys' version of Barbie and her accessories.  One set, one box, one closetful is not enough.  My older son is obsessed with Danish plastic bricks.  He will build for hours.  At six, I think he is on the young end of the company's demographic but I could be wrong.  And speaking of demographics, now that their pink and purple Lego Friends are so popular, I really hope they don't stop making the primary color pieces. 

Lego Drawers
Ever since he started playing with Legos, I've encourage Henry to build with his imagination.  He would much prefer to follow the step by step directions that come with a themed kit.  He has finished projects with more than 600 pieces before lunch.

Can you spot the Easter Basket fail?

Even with my nudging, Henry only builds "freestyle" about 25% of the time.  I bought him the Lego Ideas Book for Easter because he enjoys looking at it when we are at the library and bookstore.  At home, he's been only slightly interested in the photos.  He's asked me twice now "why don't they show the steps?"  It's hard to explain the difference between inspiration and instructions to a six year old. 

On top of being just six, Henry is also a rule follower.  He loves knowing that if he does x, y will happen, each and every time.  If he follows steps 1 through 32, he will get a three dimensional object that looks exactly like the picture on the box.  That's his idea of fun.  I can encourage him to spread his creative wings but in the end he will play the way he wants to play.  And I'm pretty sure that's the way it's supposed to be.

Christmas morning, 2012
Not surprisingly Henry enjoys visiting the Lego store every time we are at the mega-mall.  I must admit, it's a wonderful place but I'm not sure we can continue to shop there and save for college at the same time.  Henry does not want to go to the indoor Legoland "museum".  He found out that the attractions include a roller coaster ride and was quite frightened by the prospect.  I wonder if he believes the engineers just snapped it together.

One thing he does enjoy is  Lego We Do Robotics classes.  Lego has an entire curriculum for educators.  In the summer he attended a four week class that focused on simple and complex machines made from Legos.  The eight week Robotics class teaches kids how to use software to operate their motorized Lego models. 

I'd like to describe more and maybe even write that email that's long overdue to a friend but I have to pick up the plastic bricks strewn down the hallway before one or all of three of us step on them in the middle of the night.  Then I have to tackle the Matchbox cars in the dining room.  Nope, don't even get me started on Liam's obsession.  Let's just say that it's best to wear slippers and turn on all the lights if you're going to wander around this house in the evening.



  1. I love your drawers to sort the Lego. I must say, it is definitely a personality trait to find satisfaction in following the instructions. It's like putting together a puzzle and starting with the border so you have a starting point. There is a sense of order and rightness. I was exactly like your son as a child putting Lego together. I never would have wanted to be creative with it. Hope you got all the pieces picked up.

  2. I love that Henry gets such satisfaction in following the steps for his Lego creations. What a window into his developing personality.

  3. Isn't it so amazing what just clicks with our kids?! Tate and his trains. Henry and his legos. Liam and his cars. Tate has absolutely zero interest in Legos, though I have seen him playing with them at school every now and again. We have a couple of sets here that I can't even convince him to open with the exception of the Train Lego set his German grandparents gave him for Christmas last year :)

    However, I'm taking him to Legofest in May; can't hurt I figure...I'm sure there will be a lego train set-up :) Do you have it in Illinois? http://www.legokidsfest.com/ I don't see Illinois on the list, but maybe it will come at a later date.

  4. Legos are the best "toy" ever! Sounds like Henry may become an engineer rather than a sculptor? Nothing wrong with that! Have you heard of "Snap Circuits?" I got my nephew the Jr set for Christmas and it has been a HUGE hit - my sister says it is ALL he wants to do and he is now saving up for a bigger set. Your boys may be just a bit young, but perhaps keep it in mind.

    1. Oh, Claire--I gave Henry Snap Circuits Jr for his birthday in Feb. He loves it! I'm already wishing I had gotten the bigger version. There is a website with more diagrams/ideas to extend play. But yes--it's right up his alley!

  5. I love the drawers to store the legos! Such a great idea! I LOVED legos as a kid. I am a little diappointed the way they sell them as kits now. we just had a HUGE bushel barrel full and did whatever we wanted!

  6. What a wonderful drawer set for the Legos! I LOVE the ideas of bins! My Ungle my dear did Legos well into his teens, But he is VERY smart and doing very well in life so I am
    sure Henry will also! Enjoy the moments they go so fast!
    Hugs to you all!