July 15, 2013

You can't beat the beach!

This is going to be a mostly photographic post--I could have saved it for Wordless Wednesday but instead I'll briefly share the highlights of our first (but hopefully not our only) beach day this summer.

I waited for perfect conditions--not too hot, not too cool.  Quiet weekday, not crowded weekend.  No chance of rain whatsoever.  And it has to be a day when we have no other demands on our time.  Why am I so selective?  Because admission to our beach is not cheap.  If we are going to go, we are going to stay all day and collapse in our beds when we get home.  And that's just what we did.

oh, yes we did
There are many things I like about this beach.  The first is that it is only fifteen minutes from our home.  No, we don't live that close to a major body of water.  In what I think was a major coup for our communities, this beach, boat launch, fishing pier and splash park were created from an abandoned quarry.  The "lake" is huge.  If I hadn't just told you, you would look at it and think it was a 10,000 year old gift from the glaciers. Unfortunately, you'll have to take my word for it-- in almost all of my photos, the lake is behind me.

We used our swim shirts, hats and two cans of sunscreen.  Speaking of which, I just read that the spray is not as effective as lotion.  I stocked up and must have six more cans in the closet--it's so quick and convenient.  I'll have to do some more research and then decide if we should go back to greasy white lotion.  UGH.  In addition, I make the boys wear Chapstick with SPF 15.  Easy to do at four and six years old but I'm not fooling myself into thinking I'll always be able to get them to coat their lips on sunny days.  And (sigh) as you can see, Liam isn't very good at keeping his hat on.

I brought a small cooler with fruit and other snacks along with lots of water and extra ice for my iced coffee.  (A girl has to have her priorities.)  Because we stayed for almost seven (7!) hours, we did, of course, avail ourselves to the burgers, fries and ice cream served beachside.

Plenty of not-so-great things have been happening this summer.  Quite a few things have been weighing on my mind; some are within my control but most are not.  Reality is, well...reality.   It's messy.  Life is not a day at the beach.  Except when it is.


  1. Another photo-riffic blog. I hope things are okay with you.

  2. I love these pictures!! (And I REALLY love the idea of iced coffee with extra ice at the beach, too...) We have a lake/beach near us too, and I keep meaning to head out that way--we've never been there. This post inspires me to just do it! I'm sorry about the more challenging aspects of this summer, especially the part about not being in control of them...I'll hope for resolution of some kind for you! So glad you got your (long!) day at the beach!

  3. I was thinking how awful that you have to pay to access the beach but then you explained how it was man-made which makes it a lot more understandable :)

    Looks like a fabulous day out - I still run round after our 17 year old slapping the sun cream/chapstick on him. He's not getting cancer on my watch. x

  4. Looks like fun!! I hear you on going for the whole day when you have to pay. I'm squeezing in a lot of things this summer that cost but luckily Rowan is still free!

    PS--I just bought some of the spray sunscreen despite the new warning that it isn't as good. I had trouble getting additional layers of sunscreen on Rowan because she was so gritty from the sand. So I decided the first application would be goopy white stuff and we would follow with the spray.

  5. That is so cool that you have a manmade beach/lake nearby! I love the beach, and need to make more effort to get to the ones close to us. We have some near lakes, reservoirs, and rivers, but rarely go. Sorry you have things weighing heavily on your mind, though I certainly understand and commiserate. I hope your last few weeks of summer can give you some resolution and rest.