August 23, 2013

To each his own

Some people spend Saturday evening relaxing on the sofa watching a newly released dvd.   I spent last Saturday night assembling a sofa from four cartons that had been delivered earlier in the day.

Since last spring I've had my eye on a beautiful corner sofa.  I knew it wasn't in the budget but I couldn't seem to get it out of my mind.  I even kept a picture of it on my phone...for six months.  Wait!  I think I still have it...

Finally I decided that I'd throw (financial) caution to the wind and make the purchase.  It was then that I received the terrible news that the company no longer made the model I loved and didn't have anything similar to replace it.

What to do?  I could have kept our too small sofa and made do for another year or so, but having come so close to new furniture, it was hard to settle for the old.  I chose a less expensive, more casual, corner sofa and signed on the dotted line.

Then I waited.  And rearranged furniture.  When you live in a small house like we do, changing the look of your rooms is a lot like playing Clever Driver on your phone.  Finally, the day of delivery arrived.  At 2 pm, so did the boxes.

I wisely (if I do say so myself) waited until the boys were sound asleep before tackling the project. By 10 pm, I had a fully functional, denim slipcovered sofa.  But I was too tired to sit on it and went straight to bed.

The next day I asked the boys to sit down and pose for a nice photo.  Of course, they complied immediately (even if my camera didn't).

In other news, Henry started first grade this week.  I am so proud of him---words cannot say how much I adore this little guy.

Liam did not start school this week.  But he did start playing concertos on the pool noodle.  I just love this littler guy.  He can always make me laugh and he knows it.

Here's hoping that this weekend,  all of us have time to relax on our sofas, new or old, with the ones we love.


  1. I have never, ever seen a sofa that someone puts together by themselves. I am uber impressed. Where on earth do you buy one of those?

    And your boys are just adorable!! Have a fantastic weekend!!

  2. Very impressive that you put it together. And fast! Sorry you started school already. But your boys are adorable.

  3. Good for you for treating yourself to a new sofa!! I bet the boys had a blast with those boxes! I use to love as a kid if someone in the neighborhood got a new fridge. Oh the forts we would make!!

  4. What a nice treat. Everyone should throw caution to the wind from time to time.

  5. I was so hoping that you would do a post about the sofa! WOW.. so very cool! That pic is going to be a blackmail pic for their girlfriends when they get older.. Hold on to that one!!! LOL Love it! Glad to see all had fun! I want to come over soon to sit on that lovely sofa!!!! Hugs my friend!

  6. What can't you do? The couch looks fab and the boys are just as adorable as ever xoxox

  7. Hooray for a new sofa! Sounds like the perfect way to spend a Saturday night to me!

    Crazy to believe that Henry is in first grade. It just doesn't seem possible.

  8. Yay for a new sofa!
    And Henry in the first grade!!! What a big boy :-). Hope you all have a wonderful school year!