September 17, 2013

So the next day, we went to the county fair...

Yes, I'm still posting about Labor Day Weekend...and yes, this is the last one.  I promise.  

After three loads of laundry, unpacking, repacking the coolers, and resetting the GPS, we were off again. This time to a county fair just over the state line.  This was our third year visiting this grand event.  I believe it is known as the best and biggest county fair in Wisconsin.  It never disappoints.  And it's a wonderful way to honor the end of summer.

A fun 4H project--three dimensional I Spy!

See, Liam, not everyone hates vegetables

A stunning quilt--I'm amazed by the talent held in the hands of women

tractor climbing, who wouldn't enjoy that?

I can't believe I let him eat this stuff.  Every time.

Liam--gathering a few race tips from the ducks.
 (Because the pigs weren't available.)

Can we have a bunny?

The rides, food and exhibits are fun but truth be told we were exhausted from the escapades of the past 2 1/2 days.  If it weren't for Monday's grandstand event, we might have skipped this excursion.  However, for the second year in a row, the entertainment was a demolition derby. Or as Liam calls it, "the Crashing Race".  He LOVES it.  I'm not kidding, both this time and last, on the Tuesday after Labor Day, Liam asked me if we were going back next year.


The grandstand bleachers were packed--I didn't see an empty seat.  There were several competitions and one referee came dangerously close to getting hit but didn't seem phased by the danger.  After each heat (?) sectional (?) playoff (?), the cars were pushed and pulled off the field by Bobcat loaders.  Then, a dozen more cars came out and started smashing each other to smithereens.  Have I mentioned that Liam LOVES this?

Just like the last weekend of summer, the derby is  not over until you just can't get up and go anymore.  We had a great time.  And yes, Liam, we are going back next year.


  1. I love that you let you kids have a treat of cotton candy... (or Candy Floss as they say here in old blighty); The demolition derby sounds awesome! Wish I was there to go with you xo

  2. I'm amazed you had it in you to go somewhere else. Now you need to post about how you unpacked...or to maker feel better, that you still have to unpack :). What a wonderful weekend

  3. Looks like you have a wonderful family tradition for Labor Day! And how fun to go to the State Fair and that your son loves the Demolition Derby. I am so excited to begin making those annual traditions with Rowan too.