November 1, 2013

Every Neighborhood Has Its Characters

We thoroughly enjoyed Halloween this year.  Liam wore his second costume of the season--an Agent P/Perry the Platypus outfit that I put together with items from all over the internet.  (Who has time to brick-and-mortar shop anymore?)  Henry enjoyed his Spiderman costume once again, claiming that it protected him from the rain.  I was sure it didn't but why spoil the fun?  The precipitation let up for most of our route and the temperature was well above fifty degrees.  Both boys had their school clothes on under their costumes and I had the umbrella.  All in all, quite a pleasant way to spend a Thursday afternoon.

I cherished the time (for once, really I did!) following the boys in the drizzle, watching them run up to doors and ring the bells.  Enough people were home to fill their buckets to the brim.  In fact, Liam got tired both of walking and carrying his candy pail.  He asked to go home--of course at the point where we were furthest from home on our "candy loop"!

I was a bit nostalgic as we toured the neighborhood, thinking of friends who no longer live nearby as well as the fact that we, ourselves, may not be here next year.  Wherever we end up will be great--I know, but it won't be what I've grown accustomed to these past thirteen years.  There's nothing like a walk in the Autumn rain to get you thinking about the meaning of home.

Speaking of houses old, new, scary and sweet,  this year I stayed on the sidewalk and allowed the boys to walk up to each door together.  I tried to choose houses that were festive looking and/or where I knew something about the owners.  It's a safe neighborhood but really, can a parent ever be too careful?

That would be a big NO as evidenced by one ill-fated stop on our treat trail.  As I stood on the sidewalk, 15 feet or so from where the boys were approaching the front of a small house, I heard loud barking and this--

      "Mom! This one has four dogs!"
                               "Four dogs? How about people?"
      "Just one....but he's naked."
                               "Come back here, right now!"

Maybe it is time to move....or just go trick or treating in the church parking lot like everyone else.


  1. Sounds like a fun evening! I had so much fun this year--I can only imagine it gets better when the kids are old enough to choose a costume and be excited about the candy. Hope the boys are scarred by the naked guy :)

  2. Sorry but I couldn't help but laugh by your last paragraph... Oh my. It looks like you live in a lovely neighbour hood. (I always forget how wide the streets and sidewalks are back on that side of the world). The boys looked adorable as usual. x

  3. Henry looks so big in that Spiderman costume!! Looks like a great time!