January 1, 2014

Out with the old, in with the new

Happy New Year!  May 2014 bring many blessing and much joy to you and those you love.

Originally, this post was going to describe the changes I want to  need to will make in the coming year.  I scrapped the idea (kept the title though) because having spent fun-filled days with these two boys, I didn't have the heart to talk seriously about my career woes.  Not yet, anyway.  The sparkling decorations are still up, there's a foot of fresh snow on the ground, we're going sledding tomorrow and to the museum on Saturday.  Reality can wait a few more days.

Our NYE was quiet, yet special.  It involved pizza, ice cream and a little fizzy soda for the boys.  See that jar on the table?  It was supposed to look like fireworks--I found the instructions on Pinterest.  I used too much food coloring, and within seconds we had a jar of black water for a holiday centerpiece.  The boys thought it was supposed to look like that (they're so trusting!) and went on with their meal.  I tried the craft a second time with better, but not great results.  Henry tried really hard to see the fireworks, bless his heart.

I did find a cute template on Pinterest which helped us record favorites from 2013 and goals for 2014.   I added the background paper and photos of the boys.  Liam wanted to put a big Christmas bow on his paper but I told him it wouldn't fit in his scrapbook that way.  I hated squashing his creativity.
Earlier in the day we stopped at a secondhand bookstore.  I found a few cookbooks to spur my resolution to expand my recipe repertoire and keep us all home for dinner more often.  The boys chose several books.  We even listened to a few on CD while we drove home after making a quick stop at the grocery store.  While I was unpacking bags of food, I caught sight of Liam relaxing in the family room.  I couldn't grab my camera fast enough--my baby is reading!  (Typical of Liam, he says he can't--but I've suspected he can for several weeks now--he recognizes lots of words and works to understand more every day!)  
What a great way to end the year and welcome a new one!


  1. Happy new year!! Wishing you all the best in 2014.

  2. Happy New year! Man I couldn't see the pics.. Love to see the pintrest find... I am still needing Goals help and a template might help.. Thanks!