February 10, 2014

Weekend Re-Cap and thank goodness pictures are worth a thousand words...

   ...because I just don't have the energy to write that many tonight.  I have been determined to let whatever sinus/bronchial infection I've been fighting to run its course.  Well, this is Week 5 and I'm pretty sure it's done several laps without a finish line in sight.  I finally cried "uncle" and scheduled a half day out of the classroom tomorrow to go to the doctor.  I'm hoping for an instant cure as I'll have to rush across several towns to pick up Henry from school and then Liam from daycare after my appointment.  It's not like moms get a minute to lay down or anything.  Even with a fever.

Despite having no energy whatsoever this weekend, I managed to get a few things done.  Most notably, we picked up Henry's first pair of glasses.  He was so excited to see all the things he'd been missing.  It really is a significant prescription and I'm feeling bad that I waited this long.  Henry never complained or squinted but he did inch closer and closer to the television these past months.  The optician looked at his prescription and said, "He'll never want to take these off."  So far, she's been right.

On Saturday afternoon I brought out some craft supplies in order to tempt the boys away from their tablet and beloved apps. Before making a nice big mess, we wrote about our celery plant.  The science notebooks are coming along nicely.  Even Liam is eager to engage in this activity.  It's even more fun now that tiny leaves are starting to sprout from the middle.

Today while mostly confined to the sofa, I assembled the boys' Valentine treat bags.  Liam is giving away insect finger puppets and chocolates while Henry is handing out Kool-Aid and a Kool-Aid play dough recipe.  (There's also a candy treat in the bag.)

I'm still perfecting our get-out-the-door-without-Mommy-losing-it morning routine.  (Yes, I know we are well past the 100th day of school.)  Some days I have so many bags to carry to the car, I can't fit through the door to the garage unless I make two trips.  I came up with this plan:  a bag for all our bags.  So far it seems to make things a bit easier.  In reality, I know that the boys should carry their own backpacks to the car.  Next year they will.  For now I like knowing that everything is packed and placed in the car before we leave the driveway.  Plus, even when the boys do take their backpacks, I'm still left with a daycare bag, my lunch, my work tote and the swim duffel.  Another advantage for the bag of bags?  Only one trip back in the house when we arrive home at night.  That's especially important during this cold, cold winter.  I park the car and we throw everything in the huge tote which is easily lugged carried in to our minuscule cozy entryway where everyone can trip over unpack their things.

Speaking of traveling light (not), I'd better start making preparations for tomorrow.  Lunches, gym clothes, shoes, hats, healthy snack, blankies....oh my!


  1. Henry is so cute! Hope you start feeling better soon!

  2. Henry looks great in his glasses - that is awesome that he is liking his new and improved view! And your bag of bags is brilliant - that is just what I need!

  3. Aw Henry looks so cute! Wow the backed door way.. Like how you can cross out words.. Want to know how to do that! You are so amazing!!!!
    Hope you are starting to feel better! Hugs!

  4. I remember my first pair of glasses - I was having significant trouble seeing, but had no idea until I got my glasses after screening at school. Life changing! Henry is going to be so happy with all he can see.