March 10, 2014

Draw a circle with a 100 mile radius and...

...I'm pretty sure my family has visited every museum on the map.  Twice.  These photos are from a science museum that I happened upon accidentally.  It was listed as a reciprocal site for one of our other memberships.  Despite being less than fifty miles from us, I had never heard of it.  I assumed it wasn't anything special.  Boy, was I wrong!
The museum is housed in an old building in an urban area that has seen better days.  There isn't much signage or other really have to know what you are looking for or you'll miss it.  (Especially if you are driving in a late winter snowstorm.)
What sets this place apart from others we have visited lately is the learning level of exhibits.  It's not a preschool science museum and it's not a mega structure with 3D theaters and seven food courts.  It's somewhere in between and perfect  for elementary age children.  You know, the ones that still need to touch everything but are more purposeful in their actions.  It had content that was relevant to school age children.  The many hands-on displays weren't flashy but they taught important science concepts in an accessible way.

The museum has an open floor plan on two levels (and there are a few additional exhibits in the basement).  It seems like a family would only need two hours or so to see everything--but that doesn't take into account the amount of time you are going to want to spend at each display.  We saw everything (including a room on the lower level where technology from biblical times was available to try out) but we didn't get to do everything.  I'm certain we'll visit again.  This is a great place for the boys to learn about the way the world works!

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  1. I say it again and again...and I only say things I mean...but the way you expose your boys to science and the world is amazing. I can't wait until mine are a little older and naps are behind us (interrupting the middle of the day) and we can start doing fun things like you do...but I also don't want to rush this stage and give up the naps when I get to sit and have some me time :)