March 3, 2014

Let's Celebrate! (A Little of Everything)

We celebrated at home....
and away!

This past week we not only partied for two birthdays but we also celebrated science and reading!  And really, why not?

The boys were born just a few days short of two years apart.  February birthdays mean indoor parties, treats and goody bags.  In fact, the total count of party favor bags this past month was 98.  That includes thirty four Valentine's Day treat sacks, as well as birthday goodies for both boys' classmates AND their guests at weekend parties.  

Henry's notes (left) and Liam's (right)
One would think that with all three of us being at (different) schools during the week, learning would take a back seat on Saturday.  Around here, it's just the opposite.  I'm concerned that Henry is not getting much science instruction in his classroom so I try to make up for it on the weekend.  I do keep in mind that Henry is a first grader and his brother is still in prekindergarten --most of the time we just make big messes and call it science.

Our science lesson this week?  Osmosis makes gummy bears get bigger!
My goal is to make learning fun--if it's not, then we should just leave the table and head outside for a weekend walk.  On the other hand, I do want to structure our lessons and make sure I am filling in any curriculum gaps --specifically in the areas of Science and Social Studies.  I know firsthand that there is never enough time to cover these subjects in the primary school day.  To help with the structure, I've purchased a few things on TeachersPayTeachers.  I'm very excited to put together some lapbooks about geography and science concepts.  Check out this lapbook tutorial if you are wondering what they are all about.  Mostly likely, I won't introduce lapbooks until summer break but I'm having fun coming up with ideas.  Thank goodness I didn't have my children in the prePinterest era!  I'd be lost without that site!

Speaking of being lost, the boys love to listen to books on cd while I'm trying to find some obscure soccer field or Groupon venue.   Of course, they both want to hold the book as the narrator tells the story.  I found the perfect solution!  Dual language book sets at our library.  We listen to the story in English while both boys look at their own copy of the book.  Most of the time I give the Spanish text to Liam as he is not yet reading individual words.  He sees the pictures are exactly the same as the book Henry is holding, and that's enough for him  After I drop Liam off at daycare, Henry and I listen to the Spanish cd as he follows along in either the Spanish or English text.  Henry is reading at a 3rd grade+ level so he zooms through picture books--listening in another language makes them fun again.

Learning + Fun?  Now that's a reason to celebrate! (and maybe even have another cupcake)

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  1. Your boys are very lucky! I am going to have to check out this Pinterest you speak of :)