May 13, 2014

This 'n That

H and his Rubik's Cube
I'm determined to post something here at least once every week.  Yet instead of writing an update I spent most of this evening creating an awesome seventh grade social studies lesson on Blendspace.  No, seriously, I had to tear myself away or I'd still be at the computer creating slides at 2 am.  It really is a bit strange how much I love my job this year.

Henry has been in rare form this week, converting Fahrenheit temperatures to Celsius every chance he gets.  He also enjoys converting people's weights on Earth into their weights on different planets and moons. I told him that I weigh 125 lbs.  I thought that would be an easier factor for his calculations.  When it comes to helping her son, a mom's got to do what a mom's got to do!

We didn't do anything extraordinary for Mother's Day.  It was a normal Sunday with the one exception.  I got to eat lunch by myself!  It was so quiet that I turned on the television (did you know there are actually grown-ups on some of those channels?)  I caught the second half of this documentary about single moms.  I really wish I would have seen the entire program.  It seemed very affirming--and the images in the opening sequence are beautiful.

But as all moms (single or not) know, it was soon time to relinquish the most comfortable seat in the house and start some chores while Curious George entertained the children.   I thought it was called a 'sectional' because there's a section for each person.  Guess not.


  1. Sectionals...bringing people together, lol

    What a gift to get a quiet lunch for yourself! Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. When Sidekick is old enough and needs to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius, I will for sure be contacting Henry!

  3. Love the photo on the couch!!

  4. Happy Mother's Day! Tell me more about Blendspace. Is it free? Is it easy to use? Would grade 2s find it useful?

  5. I loved this post, for so many reasons :)

  6. Henry is so smart! Have you heard of Snap Circuits? I got some for my nephew who is very technically/science minded and it's gone down in history as the best gift EVER! Love the sweet photo of them on the couch, too!