May 6, 2014

Why,yes. Yes, I do have boys...

I can remember how I felt when the ultrasound technician told me I was having a boy--both times.  Excited and protective.  I never worried that they would have a disadvantage being born into an SMC family.  They were very, very much wanted.  I'd figure out the boy-centered play, clothing and equipment as we went along.  And mostly I have.

I believed that if I stayed one step ahead of them as I applied all the latest boy-raising research, we'd be just fine.    The thing is, I've never been a step ahead of them.  They lead, I follow.  I'd like to stay within 1/2 step of their developmental needs as they gallup into middle childhood, but I think I'm just fooling myself.

I'd love to explain more but they've just finished their pizza and I need to bring Popsicles up to the treehouse.  I hope I remember the secret password.

LEGO 600002  (We only have about 59000 kits but we're working on getting the rest.)

storage ottoman because in this house everything has a place--especially boys


  1. You definitely stay one step ahead planning cool trips and experiences for them. I so wish we lived closer.

  2. I was a little disappointed when I learned I was having a boy, but it seems like most IUIs are boys due to the timing, so I definitely wasn't surprised. At first I was so bummed about dinosaurs, cars, etc, but I cannot believe how much I love having a boy! I wouldn't change Sidekick for anything in the world. (And quite frankly, teenage girls scare me!) You definitely do great things with your boys which is what I so look forward to when Sidekick is older.

  3. This post makes my heart happy! Love seeing your boys together!