September 9, 2014

Big Fun; Mini Golf

Miniature Golf was the consolation prize for not being able to go away for Labor Day weekend or see the Demolition Derby--both of which have become September traditions.  I was sad to miss out on those anticipated activities but for various reasons, neither were possible this year, so on Monday, I took the boys to play two rounds of golf.

It was a beautiful day (it wasn't supposed to be--that's why we weren't at the Demo Derby) in the mid 80's.  I made the boys keep their hats on for all 36 holes.  I don't know why I paid for a ball and club for myself--I had enough to hold on to with the boys' two water bottles and my camera.  Even with my hands full, I was still putting par for most of the holes.  I believe I may have discovered a secret talent.  Henry was fascinated with the concept of "par" and announced each hole and each player's progress.  Liam did much better than last year.  I expected a few tantrums when his ball went astray but there were none.  He seemed to enjoy each time he met a water hazard.

I didn't completely abandon tradition--as with last time we went to this park, I first used the wrong entrance and spent an hour wandering before remembering that there is a completely different entrance 1/2 mile down the road.  (The first entrance is for baseball, the second is for golf.  Got it.  Hope I reread this next year.)  While at the first section, I unloaded the boys' bikes and we took a leisurely one mile ride.  Liam was on the balance bike--he is getting so close to being ready for a two-wheeler like his brother!  Heaven help me when they are both speeding away on their bikes.  There will be no stopping them!

Back in the car, we found the mini golf course, right where it was last time.  For the most part, the boys encouraged each other--they've been doing more of  that lately.  I think they look like a pro and his caddie in this next photo:

More and more, Liam reminds of my grandfather--his expression at times, the twinkle in his eyes sometimes and his stance here

Spending the day with neon golf balls, windmills and waterfalls wasn't on our calendar but it was a good way to spend time together.  The boys even called it a "treat day" as we drove home.  Family traditions are great but I guess all you really need is the family part.


  1. Sounds they'll be ready for the PGA before you know it!

  2. Love!1 What a great day!!