September 16, 2014

If this post was any shorter, it would be a tweet

We have no furnace, I have no voice.  No heat,  no way to contact anyone to get heat.  (Not to mention, the huge expense of actually replacing a furnace.)  As a teacher, I sorely need my voice.  A very nasty cold carried it away and there is no sign of its return.  Tomorrow I will have to show a movie.  I hate doing that.  I'm not that kind of teacher.  I like to think that I'm the antithesis of that kind of teacher.  Now I have no choice.  I can only hope that 36 hours from now I'll be able to get back to business and that the temperatures will rise to the 70's as promised.

The boys are enjoying quieter mornings and evenings at home.  I can't nag them, much less yell at them.  When I do manage to utter a request, they whisper back their response.  As if we are in a library or at church.  Funny boys--they make me smile even when I can't laugh out loud.


  1. Oh no! I just had the same thing you have last week. It took about six days until my voice fully returned, but it was really bad for three days. Hope you feel better!

  2. Hope thing got fixed up...voice & furnace. The quiet must have been nice while it lasted