October 16, 2014

More Ups and Downs than a Hayride in October

It's still the busy, stressful season at work.  I've always said that once I get through Thanksgiving the rest of the school year is a breeze.  These first fifteen weeks are brutal so I try to make the most of our weekends.  That means spending as much time as possible outdoors.  I find myself craving nature--even on the chilliest fall day, I want to be outside in open spaces, preferable with a view.  It's the fastest way I've found to disconnect from Monday-Friday stress.

I'm not sure how much outdoor activity there will be this weekend though.  We are all battling colds and Liam has an earache.  The poor guy has been enduring fevers for days and hasn't been eating.  We just got back from the pediatrician who diagnosed a raging ear infection.  Hopefully, the antibiotic prescription will mean we can both return to school tomorrow.  I know I have 3 days of work piled on my desk as well as 160 students and their parents worried about end-of-quarter grades.  Okay, not 160.  There are a handful of kids who don't really care what they get in seventh grade Geography.  (Good thing too, because I am no where near ready to upload grades.)

I'm glad I was able to be home with Liam while he was ill.  Glad to share some quality time and try my best to comfort him.  Yet, there's always that nagging worry though about my dwindling sick days.  I mean, it's only October and I've got two children in school--exposed on a daily basis to heaven-knows-what.  Some of my colleagues have 50 or even 100 accrued sick days at their disposal but my balance is in the single digits.  The difference?  Traditional family structure.  There I said it.  Two sets of grandparents, often ready and willing to watch a sick child while mom and dad go to work make a big difference when it comes to holding on to your paid time off.

Well there's nothing to be done for it.  I just keep keeping on, never taking a full day when a half day will suffice.  Almost never taking any pto for myself.  Last year, I went eight miserable weeks before seeing my doctor with what she called "the worst sinus infection I've seen in this practice".  (I filled the prescription and was behind my desk in time for the lunch bell.)

I seem to have gotten off topic.  Here are a few more October activities.  After Henry fed this docile cow, we changed our lunch plans.  Culver's was literally off the table that day.

anyone home?

preparing to make caramel apples

Henry has lost three teeth since starting second grade.  His beloved rhino shirt is getting too small (don't tell him that!) and he's doing math at the fifth grade level so I just love the way this last photo captures his little boy-ness.  I am not in a hurry for this guy to grow up.

Last but not least, I came across this great article with much advice that rings true.  I'm not exactly "new" at this since my oldest is seven, but sometimes I do feel a bit lost on a path everyone else traveled ages ago.  Posts like this help me feel less alone.  I thought I'd share 9-tips-on-how-to-prepare-for-new-older-motherhood

Speaking of older mothers....I think I'll go back outside and spend some quality time with one.

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  1. Hope you're all feeling better soon. Good for you for getting outdoors & knowing what will recharge you.