October 8, 2014

The days are getting shorter but the weeks are getting longer...

Not another post about how exhausted I am from working full time, caring solo for two young, rambunctious boys and driving to all their extracurriculars.  No!  I can't take any more whining.  Who am I kidding?  I'm too tired to complain.

Instead I'm posting two checklists that help move us through our busy days.  Time is at a premium.  In fact, the only thing more rare, more valuable than time is kindness.  These charts help conserve precious amounts of both.  Oh, don't get me wrong-- our system isn't perfect.  There are daily meltdowns and episodes of complete chaos.  Fortunately, the boys are very patient and forgiving.
Our Get Ready (and Get Out) Chart

after school expectations


  1. These are gold! Good job, Momma!

  2. Love these!

    (And I'm pretty sure if I was to be completely honest on my blog about the main theme of my days, it would be how tired I am, too. Glad to know it's not just me.)

  3. What a wonderful way to keep two busy young boys on track - you are so clever. I'm tired most the time and I don't even have anything to do other than work and help the kids part time! At least you have more than enough reason dear friend. xo

  4. Love those charts!! I need to bookmark this post (and get you to send copies of your files to print myself)!