February 9, 2015

Museum Monday

We are fortunate to live only fifty miles from this world-class museum and have a membership!  We LOVE it here.  It's hard to choose a favorite aspect (I'm a bit embarrassed to say that, as someone who used to live in this big city, the free indoor parking which comes with our member card is a strong contender).  No matter where we start upon our arrival, there's always something new--or old-- to see and explore.  Perfect for a bitterly cold winter day.

Being children of the 21st century, the boys are drawn to each and every touchscreen.

There are several ride simulators (and a coal mine) but these brothers are not quite ready for that much reality.

But this A-Mazing Room?  I couldn't get them to leave!  It's part of the "Numbers in Nature" exhibit.  As you can see, Henry was in his glory!

As a piece de resistance, there's yummy hot chocolate in the Member's Lounge, a large food court, an old-fashioned ice cream parlor and a Starbucks.  I doubt it will be very long before we're back to visit the Museum of Science and Industry.  Did I mention the indoor parking?


  1. Looks amazing - we'd certainly be there a lot, too!

  2. Looks amazing! We live so close to some amazing museums & now that Elena is old enough to withstand the public transit (No way I'm driving & paying parking!!) We must start going. It's just so expensive. I've promised to take her to the Royal Ontario Museum to see the dinosaur bones...but plan to before her birthday as once she's 4 I have to pay entrance for her, $10!!! plus $18 for me!!