March 30, 2015

Break. Spring not included. Vacation sold separately.

The first day of spring break; it doesn't look good
Last year at this time, I promised myself that this year would be different.  I absolutely would not stay home for another spring break.  Stay-cations had lost all their appeal and I wouldn't make the same mistake twice.  Fast forward twelve months, a new furnace, hot water heater, central a/c unit later--and yes, we stayed home for this nine day "break".  That means I had zero time off.  For fourteen hours a day I was at the beck and call of my children.  There were activities to plan, twenty-seven meals to cook, and suburban destinations to drive to.  Each day, between the hours of 6am and 8pm, I was summoned approximately every 2.5 seconds.  "Mom, I can't find the Lego piece I need."  "Mom, I used all the origami paper."  "Mom, Liam took my pillow."  "Mom, this needs new batteries."  "Mom, that's my balloon and he took it." "Mom, I need a red marker and all we have is magenta."

Now that I've uploaded the photos, I realize that the boys actually did some fun things and probably made good memories.  It's a shame that the temperature never rose above 40 degrees, although the sun did come out.  Once.  Clearly it's been a long winter.  Amusing as they can be I am very tired of indoor activities.  (As I write this, the wind is howling and the windows are creaking in the cold--I guess that new furnace was a good decision after all.)

fast, furious and a little frightening

Liam's three favorite food groups served poolside

Hands-On Mammals 'n More

I can't watch.  But then I do.  He's so brave and determined.

I can't watch this either.  It's not going to end well.
Just how many

can one family



 Henry just brought this home in his school folder.  Guess we made some good memories after all.


  1. I am exhausted just reading what you had to organize - jeesh! But yeah, no getting around the need for a furnace and A/C. Here's hoping summer brings you some fun travels with a break in there every so often for mom...

  2. You do an amazing job of organizing fun & educational activities for your boys. I can imagine how exhausting it is to plan it all. I really identify with what you said about the constant interruptions.

  3. Brrrrrr... Despite that, it looks like you had a fun spring break and kept those boys entertained.

  4. Ugh... That picture of the snow makes me shudder.

    That is quite a week!! I am in awe, as always.

  5. I love hearing the word "mommy" :) But I totally understand the need to say "Time-Out!" You are my inspiration keeping the kids busy and learning and having fun all the time!!!

  6. Wow. mama. That's a lot of snow. It looks like fun to me-I never see snow. I'm from Southern California. It looks kind of neat!

  7. Love the title.. Yep being a Mom is a full of fun tittle. Exhausting!!! I am so in awe of you too.. You make those museums look like happening places. You are amazing!!!