May 10, 2015

No Offense, Giant Global Card Company

Recently I read a heartfelt blog post entitled "Adoption Does Not Cure Infertility".  It offered  an interesting perspective, one that I hadn't thought about.  Yet having read The Belated Baby by Kelly James-Enger, I'm not too surprised at this mom's residual sadness.  All that is really another post (or maybe even a blog--oh, wait you can just read Ashley Talks a Lot.)   But with apologies I am hijacking paraphrasing her post title.

   Becoming a Mother Does Not Cure the Mother's Day Blues.  

Recently, this post on Mothering in the Middle resonated with me. It is about caring for a mother who never cared for you.  You see, for some of us this holiday is not all sunshine and roses in spite of the fact that our children bring us...well, sunshine and roses.  I love mine dearly and hold especially tight to them as I remember all the lonely years I couldn't celebrate this day at all.  But on the second Sunday in May, I also remember an unmothered childhood.

On this treacly holiday,  I feel both full and empty.  I guess that's just life in a non-Hallmark universe.


  1. Very well said...A perspective many of us forget.

  2. Amen, sister! For me, it is the task of trying to find a card that doesn't proclaim sentiment I don't feel (undying gratitude, for instance) - I often just have to get a blank card. Ugh.

  3. Oh my friend, I'm so sorry. Sorry I didn't see this post until now, and so sorry to feel your pain in your post. I'm sending you a hug that hopefully encompasses all the hugs you missed, and when we do finally get to meet up and hang out I'll do it in person :)