January 22, 2010

A Great Read!

I just finished this.  It was so enjoyable that I am a little sad it is over.  I actually looked forward to turning off all the house noise and crawling into bed to read a few chapters every night.  Kristin Chenoweth was born two days before me.  Reading her book was like having an old friend stop by and catch me up on all the things that have been happening in her life since high school.   The writing style and stories are just that up close and personal. 

Although she is a Broadway and Hollywood star, Kristin never puts on airs.  (I know she had a cowriter, but it's definitely Kristin's voice throughout the book.)  She has kept her values and remains loyal to the friends she made decades ago.  I met so many interesting people on the pages of this book:  other superstars, strict singing teachers, struggling actors, and salt of the earth Oklahomans.  It was especially great fun imagining the New York moments as Kristin describes them.

As with any celebrity these days, there is a specific controversy that follows Kristin as she crisscrosses the country for her performances.  I won't go into details; that's what Amazon.com is for.  Suffice it to say that it is exactly this issue and how the actress/singer handles it with grace, that made me pick up the book in the first place.

I rarely keep books after I have finished them.  Very seldom do I reread a book and space is limited in my tiny house.  However, a few stories stay on my mind and on my shelf long after I have finished the last page.   A Little Bit Wicked will be one of them.

Speaking of "keepers" here are two other memoirs that I found honest and entertaining reads.  One of these days I'll start shopping for a bigger bookcase...


  1. Lucky you that you can read an enjoyable book while the kids sleep. I have not opened one in so long. Crave good entertaining reading, but that moment is not here yet. Liam looks adorable in the picture below.

  2. I've heard all these great things about her!
    And if I ever decide to actual sit down and start reading books again... I'll be sure to grab this one! LOL

    Thanks for the visit and the comment love today. Glad you stopped by. You're boys are adorable, and what a great mom you are!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I love hearing about good books. I just saw her on Idol this week and I think she is super fun. I think I would enjoy her book!

  4. I am sure hoping the library will have this one! It looks very interesting and you know I like reading the lives of the famous. Thanks for the tip!