January 25, 2010

Pajama Party

Oh, how these boys make me smile...

It's not until I look at a photo like this that I realize how completely different my life is now.  Three years ago I could not imagine this life.  Four years ago I never thought I'd be a mom to anyone, much less two beautiful, sweet boys. 

How did this happen?  Ok, I know how this happened.  But really, how did I get here?  I spent so many years alone that having a family still feels foreign.  Who are these two boys who have taken over my house and made it their own?

With the day-to-day rush, a mind full of worries, completely overwhelming tasklists at home and work, it's easy to forget how far I've come.  It's moments like the one captured here that make me stop and look around with awe at this family.  How very blessed we are to have each other to love.


  1. They make me smile too! What a wonderful thing it is to have our children in our lives.

  2. Too cute! I love kids in matching clothes. (Not all the time...but every once in a while.) It is crazy to look back and think how time flies and how everything is just different in the best way. It's great to stop and just be thankful and enjoy it. :) You deserve it!

    Oh, and thanks for the book! It might take me a little bit to get to it...let me know if you need it.

  3. This post was like telepathic to me. I was thinking exactly the same thing today. 4 years ago I would have not imagined this would happened to me. The kids look adorable in their matching PJs. We are blessed to have their smiles in our homes. They fill our rooms with joy don't they?

  4. Oh that pic makes me smile! I am so thankful for those boys! I just makes me so happy knowing you have them to call them your own and they give you such joy and you are such a wonderful mom!