December 23, 2011

I'm Going to Wrap Just One More

This gift may have my name on it but it's really a present for Henry.  You see, when I was about his age I asked my mother what Santa was going to bring her.  Caught off guard, she shrugged and said something about Christmas only being for kids.  I pressed on as only young children can, saying that everyone wanted presents from Santa.  "Oh, then I guess...a watch."  I don't remember whether my mother got a watch that year.  But I do remember that that's when I started to doubt Santa was as special as I had once believed.  If mommies didn't get excited about presents from Santa, if they didn't believe with their whole hearts, then how could I?  And if Santa only brought gifts to children and not hard-working grownups, was he really being kind?  I'm certain that was not the last Christmas I anticipated Santa's arrival but it marks the beginning of the end.

So this year Santa is bringing me a gift.  He found two coffee mugs on deep clearance and a few packets of Starbucks Via, wrapped them in a shoebox and tied it with a festive bow.  My Henry is very observant and sensitive.  I want him to see that Santa loves and remembers everyone.  We've talked about the wise men who brought gifts to the baby Jesus and how we give gifts to people we love to show that we remember the Nativity.  In a few years, we will explore the deeper meaning of Christmas by sharing our time and resources with families in need.  As Henry grows into a young man, there will be many lessons to learn.  But for now, for right now, he deserves to be a child and enjoy this season.  That's what I believe.

Getting Close!


  1. You've given me food for thought...I was going to tell Elena that Santa only brings toys to kids but I like your point of view...

  2. What a great idea. I'm going to remember this one next year when the twins start grasping who Santa is. Thanks!