December 28, 2011

The First (Preschool) Noel

 Tonight I wanted to write a post about the hit and miss gifts this Christmas.  Upon reflection, I thought that would seem quite shallow and lead some to believe that I do not know what the Holiday is really about.  So, before I write that post (and believe me there's a lot to say) I'll share a few photos from the recent children's program at our church.

Special things happen in that building.  I felt it the day the boys were baptized and again last Easter.  Recently, I sat and watched the children's Christmas program.   I thought I was just going to watch Henry sing a few songs with other preschoolers.  Instead he and his brother surprised me in their first fully costumed stage roles.  I was the proudest I could ever be when I opened the program and saw Henry's name listed next to Joseph.   Then Liam came walking down the aisle dressed as an angel--gown, halo and big brown eyes.  I have never wanted time to stand still as much as I did at that particular moment.  I sat with my digital camera in one hand and my camcorder in the other resisting the urge to point out my sons to every parent in the room.

I know from discussions we've had at home this month, my boys understand the story of the Nativity. Henry talks about the Star and the manger.  Liam thinks baby Jesus needs a paci and a blanket.  I'm glad they did not focus on getting material gifts for themselves (well, at least not to an excess).  After writing this post, thinking about these particular moments and reviewing the photos, I find I don't really care much about the stuff that did or didn't happen in our living room Christmas morning.  Sure, there are some things I'll  do differently next year but there's more, much more, that I hope remains the same.
Post-performance refreshments were served


  1. How wonderful that that Henry got chosen for one of the lead roles :)

    And your little angel - I want to steal that picture for my screen saver, how beautiful!

    I'm so pleased you have had a lovely Christmas and I love the things you focus on - you too, my dear friend are such an inspiration. Thank you for all the support you have shown over the last year(s).

    God bless xoxo

  2. Beautiful. It sounds like you had a meaningful family Christmas, and those boys just keep getting cuter. I love how you say you wanted to stand still in that particular moment. Wouldn't it be lovely if we actually could stop time once in a while? Although I think living mindfully and paying attention to thse quickly passing moments does help that to happen in some ways. Great post. Happy New Year!

  3. Love it! ...& can't wait to read your gift post :)

  4. I think I have similar feelings about the gift thing, but I am so glad you were able to experience this joy of parenthood during christmas. That is awesome! (and probably the best gift!)