April 29, 2012

Yes, You Have to Go Outside!

Today I insisted that we go to the park.  Just how many hours can you stay inside playing Legos anyway?  (At least 12 if yesterday is anything to go by.)  No, the weather wasn't as nice as it was when we had a week of freakishly warm temperatures before Easter.  As a matter of fact, it was quite overcast and a bit chilly; going to the park is not the first activity that comes to mind on days like today.  That just means we had more of the space to ourselves.  We met a few hardy families on the trail and we smiled knowingly as we passed each other.  In a few weeks the park will be crowded with tweens, Strollercizers, and park district day campers.  Today was just for those of us with late onset cabin fever.
Even on a straight path, the brothers choose different directions

Wide open spaces.  They can't be beat.

A willow tree worthy of a fairy tale

The fish weren't biting...
but Liam was when he discovered a snack in our wagon


  1. So sweet. I tried to convince Tate we should go to the park and ride the swings today...even tried enticing him with the notion that he could ride in the stroller, which he LOVES. No. Nyet. Non. Nope. We did go ride the zoo train this morning instead of church because he has a continuous cough which though I know are allergies would have brought us many a stare from our fellow church goers, so the train it was...he was thrilled.

    Finally, I got him in the stroller around 420 (sans pants, shoes or socks) to walk up to the corner store to get Mommy some ice cream to only hear 1/2 way home...'I wanna go to the park.' Too late kid...no shoes, no pants no service. Combined with the no nap his booty was in bed asleep at 7:01 :)

    However...can you believe it was so hot here he could go out in only a shirt and underwear?!

  2. Looks like fun. Anything that burns up some of thier energy is good!

  3. This is awesome! Nothing beats the outdoors, no matter what the weather. And you're right, the less than perfect weather thins out the crowds. We have some of our best hikes and outdoor activities when it's cool and rainy out since Mommy is an introvert who is desperately crowd averse (especially when there are two children running in opposite directions). It always feels good to get outside, no matter the weather. And hey - when it rains there are worms everywhere. :) Love the pictures. Looks like a fun day!

  4. I am learning that to ease afternoon crankiness in Elena the solution is outside for a run-around...the hard park is convincing her we have to go back inside.

  5. How nice to have the park almost all to yourself :-). Glad you had a good time.

  6. The scenery around your home is just stunning. Wow!

  7. Love the photos!! Looks like a great park