January 12, 2013

Food For (random) Thought

I really wish Liam would eat better.  I've tried everything but he just won't sit at the table and eat a meal.  I was even a bit thankful to return him to daycare this week because I knew he'd eat a full breakfast and lunch everyday.  (I think he actually lost weight during the two week Christmas break.)

Henry eats like a champ.  A messy champ--I have to use pretreating stain spray on every shirt he owns.  Sometimes Henry requests a fourth meal right before bedtime.  I used to think this was a stalling technique but he has proved time and time again that he will finish anything he asks for.  Henry has been growing out of his clothes at an alarming rate.  His height seems steady right now but his shoulders are getting broad.  I also think that some growth spurts (as predicted by large appetites) are cognitive instead of, or in addition to, physical.  Henry is now reading independently.  He can decode and understand practically everything he sees.  Today we are going to the library to pick out some beginner chapter books.  He's ready!  (Now if I could just get him to learn to tie his shoes!)

I'm not sure how, but Liam is growing too.  We're giving away all of his 3T clothing and he wears size 10 shoes.   Liam loves his preschool.  He attends three mornings each week and talks about his friends and teachers all the time.  Where Henry has always had advanced number sense, Liam is incredibly articulate.  Yes, I'm his mom and not particularly objective but I think his language is a couple of years ahead of his actual age.  Sometimes his sentences stun me for their complexity.
Here's another accomplishment
Last week I set out a thank you card for a dear friend and asked the boys to write their names.  I knew Henry would do a fine, legible job and figured Liam would write his "L".  Imagine my surprise when Liam called me over, saying he was all done.  He wrote his full name with no prompting, and no model to copy.  I was very proud of him.  Coincidentally, years ago, the first time Henry wrote his name independently it was also on a greeting card.  
As we enter dreary midwinter I am amazed and grateful for the warmth of family life and the many ways my children light up my days.  Certainly we have our struggles and not-so-great moments but at the end of the day, the good always outweighs the bad.  As you read this, know that this is my wish for you as well.


  1. Love the name writing. I guess it shows you that every personality (and appetite) are different even if the parenting is the same. SR is growing out of her 3T shirts - LOL, she just turned 2. But she is still wearing 24 months pants...short with a round belly!

  2. That is wonderful that Liam is writing his name so well! So sorry that the eating isn't going well. One method that seems to help with Eliza is Food Chaining. There is a pretty good book on it by Cheri Fraker, you can usually find it on Amazon or B&N. Maybe worth a read.

    And if you figure out how to teach Henry to tie laces, let me know! How did we all survive before velcro?

  3. I love the food face! And the names - so cute!

  4. Love the update!! Henry reading so well is awesome! Big boys! Not sure if girls sizes are the same as boys sizes but Elena is in 4T & size 8 shoes already (size 10 boots)!!!

  5. Love how Liam (and Henry :-)) wrote his name!