June 6, 2013

Confessions of a Museum Mom

Yes, that's me.  It's hard to keep two inquisitive boys entertained on weekends.  My house is small, my backyard is boring and their little legs can't take them very far on bikes.  So what's a mom (who's also a teacher) to do?  Head for the museum.  Fortunately, there are three large cities within a two hour drive so we've been able to explore more than a dozen exhibits this year.  

Last weekend we went to the children's science museum.  We visit this particular place three or four times each year.  Many of the hands-on activities are familiar but there is always something new to see and do as well.  It is perfect for boys who want to touch everything!  I get a break from saying "no" and "don't do that" and "STOP right now!"  

As a (BIG) bonus, this museum has a spectacular outdoor space, well-deserving of the many local and national awards it has earned.  I'd write more but tomorrow is a free admission day at another very popular museum--time to get ready for the next educational excursion!

using metal detectors to find treasure
panning for gold pyrite

yes, Liam has lost his shirt (but at least it wasn't at the nearby casino)


  1. Looks like they are having tons of fun exploring :)

    Laughed out load re the shirt pun xx

  2. You provide your boys with so much life experience! How valuable!!!!

  3. It sounds like an amazing place! Especially for 2 active boys!!

  4. I have a hard enough time entertaining one little boy on the weekend, I can imagine how hard it is with 2! I love that you have so many cool museums so close. We have a few, but they don't look anywhere near as great as the ones you have close by.

  5. It looked like they were having a lot of fun in your backyard digging for worms recently! Are you sure this isn't just an attempt to prevent the unexpected presentation of creepy things :)