June 13, 2013

Now I remember why it's so hard to post in the summer...

...the days are long and the nights are short!  During the school year, I often think, wait until summer. I'll have time to blog, make repairs to the house, read, try new recipes, garden...

Uh huh.  Sure.  The boys are up at 6 am and (if I'm diligent) in bed by 7:30 pm.  In between, it's all mom, all the time.  Well, not all the time but certainly most of it.  Henry is enrolled in a couple of  week long, 1/2 day camps.  I have a babysitter lined up for one day a week, for six weeks or so.  Other than that, the three of us are stuck to each other like glue.  We're still tweaking our daily schedule.  It's become clear that the boys (who don't nap) still need some down time in the afternoon.  I practically have to force them to sit on the sofa and watch PBS kids.  They want to go, go, go.  But then they crash, crash, crash before dinner.  My six year old, especially, gets quite nasty when he crashes.  'nuf said.

I'm trying to take each long day as it comes.  There's plenty to do but not necessarily plenty of money to do it.  (And boy can these guys eat!  They want five meals a day, preferably at  restaurants that serve ice cream.)  Speaking of expenses, my search continues for someone to replace my countertops.  As I am the only one on the planet who is not installing granite, no carpenter will give me the time of day.  Even the ones who advertise, "no job too big or too small" have told me that my project is not worth their time.  I have a small window of summer to get this done and am quite frustrated with the situation.

One reason my countertop budget is so small is that we are having one of these built in our backyard next week.  I can't wait.  (The boys are excited too.)

Happy Summer, everyone.  Stay tuned for more blog posts, garden photos, recipe tricks and book reviews.  Or not :)


  1. That slide looks awesome! I know you will come up with your usual brilliant ideas for entertaining those boys. But here's hoping their new toy will give you a bit of time for yourself in the garden x

    Happy Summer :)

  2. Have you tried ikea? I think they have service people to do the installation too. At least in Ontario. Love that you are on summer already. I still have two full weeks of teaching and my report cards due Monday to the office. Do they have splash pads where you can take the boys? In Toronto area, many neighbourhoods now have free water parks in the park. It is a free and fun way to pass hot days.

  3. Oh that play structure is way better than counter tops!!! For the boys anyway! What is wrong with contractors, you'd think they'd be glad to get an "easy" job for once...good luck with the search, there's gotta be someone soon.

    Happy summer to you as well!!

  4. Oh lara!! That is absolutely awesome!! I love it! That is why I want to buy a new house...I need a backyard! And I totally get the frustration with the countertops. I have a ton of odd jobs I need done around my house, but none of it is BIG, so noone wants to do it. Come on! 5-6 hours for a few hundred dollars doesn't sound like a good deal? I don't get it!!!!! All those piddly jobs add up to a few hours of work. :(