August 11, 2013

Food and Fun at the Fair

Wisconsin.  State Fair.  2013

After a two hour drive, we're ready for a full day of sights, sounds, tastes and yes, even smells
There were expensive rides...

 free rides
and questionable rides

There were pig races
 duck races

and hatchlings warmed by lights

There were prize winners 
a giant slide

and educational exhibits

But really, it's all about the food...

 like pizza cones 
and cream puffs
I've said it before and I'll say it again--one day is just not enough.  Maybe that's why this year's marketing slogan was  THE BEST 11 DAYS of SUMMER.  Next year we're going to spend two days there--I promise!

because there's no place like this fair


  1. I love how you love this!! Pure bliss! YOUR joy shines through! xo

  2. The saddle on the hay bale and your caption cracked me up! I would love a go down that big slide :) Looks like you had a fabulous time xo

  3. The fair looks amazing. But even now amazing is that you drive two hours to get there. This is what I mean when I tell you that you provide your boys with such rich experiences. It would never cross my mind to drive two hours to do something. As my kids get older, I hope to remember that I don't need to stay so close to home and my my anxieties away.

  4. I love these posts every year. And every year you make me wonder if maybe, just maybe, I would have the energy to tackle something like this. Your boys look like they have so much fun! What awesome memories and traditions you've created for your kids!

  5. The slide looks like a blast!! What a fun tradition you are starting with your kids. Hope the rest of your summer is filled with more adventures!

  6. Looks awesome! I'll have to add Wisconsin on our bucket list for this reason alone!! The giant slide looks amazing!

  7. I don't remember what blog I was reading that led me to yours, but I'm glad it did! I'm alas a teacher, SMC of one little boy, and live in Wisconsin!