March 2, 2015

And now back to our regularly scheduled weekends!

The holidays last forever around here.   They start mid-October with Halloween preparations (costumes and treat bags for the boys' classmates), continue with the most dramatic of all family get togethers--Thanksgiving, roll into Christmas (candy canes and treat bags for the boys' classmates) , skate through the New Year, the Superbowl and Valentine's Day (cards and treat bags for the boys' classmates).  FINALLY we arrive at the February birthdays (candles and treat bags for the boys' classmates).  I'm tired of celebrating.  There I said it.

But you know what? It's still fun to look at the pictures.

forgot the candles

Second Grade treats

filling party bags
make sure this one has a balloon

remembered the candles

birthday morning

party cake, party smile

One morning in a flurry of last minute preparations, Liam pointed to his drawing of me--the one that's been displayed on the kitchen cabinet since September.  "That's you today, Mommy."  

Even without a mirror nearby, I'm certain that's what I looked like at seven am on Henry's birthday.  Celebrating is hard work--who has time to comb their hair?


  1. Looks like fun birthday celebrations! (And yummy cakes!) Those school treats - love them. So cool

  2. That's a lot of celebrating!! You do such a great job of it I know your boys will appreciate it some day.

  3. Love the treats for the classroom!! You are SO creative!!

  4. That's alot of treat bags!! Your boys are so lucky!!! You need some mama time...spring break can't come soon enough I bet!!! Happy Birthday to Liam and Henry!!!

  5. You are awesome! At least you get both birthdays out of the way in one month! :)

  6. You are amazing! As a fellow teacher and mom of two, I'm amazed by the time and effort you put into the crafts, party bags, outings, and everything you do with your two.

  7. Cute Treats. Cute boys. Glad the boys look like they are helping.. As far as your hair I know you wear those hair clips pretty nicely and always are pretty.. Its a cute pic too..